The messages from the workers of the Saratov region

Опубликовано:  18.12.2015 - 18:12

Red TV correspondent talked with an employee of the Engels Trolleybus Plant. She reports:

The plant operates on a 3-day working week, rest days are paid at a rate of 2/3 of the average wage. But not everyone is so works, some units work on a 5-day week, depending on the plan. At the moment, the delay of the salary for the month of November is completely and for October is partially because of the part have been already issued. But in September it was issued not for everyone. Scores were arrested and all the tools that contributed to the account of our plant, go to pay off debts for utilitiesand, pension payments, etc. So we were told. Orders on the trolley we do not have, there are not some really job in the workshops. It’s not an easy situation. Reductions have been great, yes, but last had been just six months ago. I have been working 15 years at the plant, and all this time the plant is somehow "afloat" and 15 years  there are feelings that plant is about to be closed.

Severstal-Balakovo plant suspended production; workers report that some of them have switched to 2/3 of salary.

Also, according to media reports, suspended the factory "BOSCH Heating systems" in Engels, due to disruption of the supply of components from Turkey.

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Red TV, Saratov Region

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