Engels: the difficult situation on the trolleybus plant

Опубликовано:  26.11.2015 - 16:58

Yesterday Minister of Employment, Labour and Migration of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova said that Engels TrolZa plant that produces trolleybuses, switched to part-time employment.

According to the workers, the plant switched to this regime even in January.

"Very badly 3 months without a salary, - says one of the workers. - There was the prosecutor of Saratov region - told to pay salaries until November 10, but was not given, - said the General Director that until December 14, will be given for September only. What to do? Write a statement to require to give the salary, it's all nonsense, just window dressing, about doing something, 2 persons wrote letters to Vladimir Putin, they were fired, and there was not the sense was. Though for him after 2 months criminal responsibility begins, I feel he is not afraid of this, on 10 December if will give if the salary, will be 4 months. Could you can assist us, for example with the TV reporting? Here now I found out the information, after the last visit of the prosecutor the employee wrote a statement to the prosecutor again, and he was fired ... ... Now half the country in such situation." "...Here we have such a situation: people go for a month on a business trip, and there are no money after a month of business trip, for their own money only is transferred business trips money".

"Yes, the plant cuts, salary delays for more than 3 months," - said the factory worker.

Red TV correspondent: "A lot of people have cut?"

She replies: "Almost half".

Also, workers reported that they were forced to sign a new confidentiality agreement.

Yes, loners can not achieve anything. And in August at the Saratov factory AIT those workshops have made the payment of debts where workers simultaneously have written the disclaimers to do the work, based on the article of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. But the crisis does not exist on a particular plant, it is exists throughout the region, across the country, around the world. Capitalism and its crises are the problems of the world, and the global level organizations of the workers has more chances to solve it once and forever.

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