Видеоконференция солидарности: голос народа Украины и Донбасса (часть 2)

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Опубликовано:  22.07.2015 - 09:37


The participants of videoconference from Donbass and Ukraine talk about the horrific realities of violence and lawlessness that exist in their country and concealed by the most European media.

- Pavel Zotov, Borotba movement militant (Ukraine);
- Sergey Moiseev, Committee of 27, Kharkov People's Republic; Rus Triedinaya;
- Alexander Borisov, "Without Borders" fund, Donbass.

A Third Euro-Mediterranean Conference took place in Athens, on July 18-20, 2015, in conditions coinciding again with the most dramatic and unexpected changes in Western and Eastern Europe, in the Balkans, in the former Soviet republics, particularly in Ukraine and Russia, in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, all over the present world in crisis and transition.

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